2018 Money Smart for Adults Instructor-Led (Downloadable)

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Picture showing covers of all the Money Smart for Adults modules. Text reads 2018 Money Smart for Adults.

2018 Money Smart for Adults Instructor-Led (Downloadable)

MSA List of 14 Modules
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MSA Table of Contents
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
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Module 8
Module 9
Module 10
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Module 14
2018 Guide to Presenting
2018 Scenarios for Financial Inclusion

Download our newest version of Money Smart for Adults (MSA). It replaces the 2010 version. The 14 instructor-led modules are shown below:

Module 1: Your Money Values and Influences
Module 2: You Can Bank On It
Module 3: Your Income and Expenses
Module 4: Your Spending and Saving Plan
Module 5: Your Savings
Module 6: Credit Reports and Scores
Module 7: Borrowing Basics
Module 8: Managing Debt
Module 9: Using Credit Cards
Module 10: Building Your Financial Future
Module 11: Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets
Module 12: Making Housing Decisions
Module 13: Buying a Home
Module 14: Disasters—Financial Preparation and Recovery